Born but not Free

Alot of parties are emerging, and I wonder what they are celebrating. All are preaching of how
they’d deliver services faster than the ruling government.
SACP even went as broad as erecting a poster reading ”Vote ANC Do it for Madiba”. When will
they cease to exploit Madiba all in the name of exhorting votes? Are they undermining our
thinking capacity?.
Let it be known even to our Ancestors that we are deeply grateful for what the government of
Nelson Mandela has executed.
Allow me to exercise my freedom of expression according to Chapter 2:Bill of Rights,section

And talk about the government.
After twenty years of preaching. ‘Demo’ and ‘cracy’ together as one. ‘Demo’ which means to
connect with the people and ‘cracy’ which means combining form. Basically the combining form
of connecting people. Does the government represent such? Does it instil unity in societies?
NO! What it is doing is forming political segregation against the VERY same AFRICANS who
united many moons ago to fight against white people who oppressed them.They must think we
are a bunch of losers.
The essence of the democracy attained is to free ourselves from the chains of the past horrors.
Call me a born-free for having an opinion. Crucify me for not grasping the fundamental of
always reverting back to the struggle. My Main focus is the future, that’s the part which I have
the agency to constitute. I don’t have to comprehend the struggle for me to acknowledge that
my Fellow South Africans are struggling.

My main preoccupation is that South Africa needs
leaders, not people who have endured the struggle and because of that they deserve positions
to form part of a cohesive elite.
I encounter it everyday, and under that very same Banner that reads ‘A Better life for all’ is a
shack held together by faith and a malnourished baby. What life?.

When will my people remove
their blindfolds and see that the government is using the blind as their pawns in a game of
chess? When will you harmonise that this is just a sequel to Animal farm and that ”all animals
are equal but some animals are more equal than the others?” and Im not even referring to the
ones at Nkandla.
The government is like a kasi mom whom u ask for money and she’d tell u ”No,My child I gave u
R500 just five months ago” they are always harping to their past achievements never their
current because there’s nothing to show.

Personally, I am not going to vote. I’ll vote when all political parties unite with a sole vision of
serving the people in place of their pockets. I’ll cast a vote again when Leaders are ready to
make meaningful contributions to the nation at large and journey South Africa to a better

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